Most Violent Video Games

What better way to relieve the tension from everyday stress we all experience than by spending an hour or two in the virtual realm where everything goes and nothing is forbidden? After all, this is the best way to vent out your anger and frustration. As a matter of fact, this is what led to the invention and development of games that feature a strong element of violence. Even though some people might argue that such games lead to exerting violence in the real life, what happens in the monitor stays there. So here is a list of the ten most violent video games ever created which are sure to help you let off steam.

Violent Computer Games

  • Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand theft auto series games

What makes this game so memorable is the level of violence in it. And to be more precise, the fact that it is the sort of “real-life violence”.  As the title itself suggests, your main endeavor in the game is to steal cars. However, in order to do so, you are ‘allowed’ to do whatever it takes. Even if it is beating up random people on the streets or robbing old ladies. The crimes that one can commit while playing this game are hundreds. Drive-by shootings, gang warfare and murdering prostitutes are just some of them. So, if you ever wondered what it feels like to be a criminal – that’s the game for you.


  • Madworld

madworld violent game

Now this one is quite inventive. Not only is it made in a very picturesque comic style pattern, but it only features three types of colors – black and white (the overall surroundings as well as characters) as well as red (the blood of your enemies). The game takes place in the not so distant future where a strange human-like character (yourself) faces hordes of other various human-like characters (your enemies). The only difference is that you possess ultra human strength. Plus a chainsaw every now and then.

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  • God of War 2

god of war 2 violent game

This takes you way back, to the times of the mighty Spartans. You play the role of Kratos, who is, literary, the god of war in the Greek gods’ pantheon. Kratos used to be part of the powerful Spartan army and now he/you needs to erase all of his tormented past as a soldier. However, this will take a lot of violent battles. What makes this game quite unique, is the impressive mythological back story.


  • Dead Space

Dead space violent game

When you are stranded on a mining ship and you are not a soldier, but rather an engineer and you have countless of space monsters trying to devour you, what is it that you could possibly do? Do your best to survive, of course. All of these alien life forms you could destroy by using plasma cutters, rotary saws, torches and many other types of mining inventory. And when the name of the game features the word “dead” in it, you know what to expect.


  • Splatterhouse

Splatterhouse violent video game

If it’s blood you want, then blood you’ll get if you try playing Splatterhouse. You, as a protagonist, play the role of Rick, who is on a quest to save his girlfriend from the gruesome clutches of ugly beasts that have entered our world from another dimension. Do you stand a chance, being a mere human? Of course you do, as when you put on your Terror Mask you gain ultra human strength that helps you tear enemies in half with your bear hands. The quantity of blood is so big that even the screen gets splattered.

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  • Shadow Warrior

Shadow warrior classic violent game

This is a classic one. The plot is set in the Far East, in Japan. You play the role of Lo Wang, a professional ninja assassin who is known as Shadow Warrior. You are employed by a top Japanese company that at some point decides to take over Japan. Once you learn about your employer’s invidious plans, you quit. That is when legions of demonic creatures are unleashed to kill you. But don’t you worry, your katana, shurikens and bare fists are more powerful than anything else.


  • Duke Nukem

Duke nukem game

Quite similar to the previous one in terms of production, Duke Nukem is quite violent and really fun to play. Duke is this very cool commando guy with an endless arsenal of both booming weapons and cheesy catchphrases (“I came here to kick a** and chew bubblegum…and I am all out of gum”). Flying all around with your jetpack on, you get to go to strip bars and kill lots of enemies in the face of humanoid pigs wearing police uniforms. Quite inventive, right?


  • Blood

Blood classic violent game

In the vein of #3 and #4, Blood is a classic mid-90’s 3D shooter with a classic protagonist – the Undead Caleb. Just to get a fair idea of what it’s all about, bear in mind that the game begins with you, getting out of a grave, armed with a pitchfork and once you cross the graveyard filled with crazed zombies (which you fight off with dynamite) you enter a church swarming with blood-thirsty rats and vicious witches. And that’s just level 1! Your voodoo doll and flame-throwing skull-on-a-stick will definitely help you make it through the game.

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  • Carmageddon

Carmageddon violent video game

Unlike all of the above, Carmageddon does not feature machine guns, chainsaws or any other similar weapons. However, what it does feature is the ultimate weapon – the car. Inspired by the 1975 movie Death Race 2000 you take part in a brutal race where you are encouraged to run over innocent pedestrians and dogs in order to gain points. And if you don’t feel like racing to the very end of the track, you can simply destroy your enemies by colliding into them.


  • Mortal Kombat Series

Mortal kombat series

When it comes to violent games, undoubtedly, the ultimate one is Mortal Kombat. Ever since the first input in the series came out way back in 1992, the original game (as well as its successors) has been banned in various countries due to the extreme level of violence, unseen at the time. Mortal Kombat is a fight-to-the-death tournament where nobody feels any regret for his opponents. At the end of each duel, you are even encouraged to “finish” your enemy by performing a “fatality” – a bizarre and grotesque finishing maneuver that, in most cases, dismembers your opponent.

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