Most Interesting Elephant Facts

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Unfortunately they are endangered now because of the many hunters. Every 15 minutes one elephant is killed. All that because of business with their bones. There are many things you should know about this animals to know them better. Read these few elephant facts.

 Facts About Elephants

  • Did you know that today only three living species of elephants ?

elephant facts

Those are savannah ( African ) forest ( African ) and Asian , which is also known as the Indian elephant. All other species are extinct. Some due to climate change and vegetation , and some as a result of hunting. In the past there were around 170 species of elephant.

  • Elephants are the largest land animals in the world .

The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in 1956. He was male, weighed 11 tons and was 3.96 meters high, which is about one meter more than the average height of a male African elephant.

  •  Elephant pregnancy last 22 months , longer than in any other animal on earth

Newborn baby elephant weigh about 120 pounds. The average life span of these animals is 50 to 70 years. The oldest elephant lived 82 years. For a healthy adult elephants there are no natural predators although lions may be dangerous for the younger and weaker individuals. You could say that the only enemy they have is us humans.

  • Elephants have the largest brains of all terrestrial species
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Their brain weighs over 5 pounds. Of these animals is attributed a wide range feelings and intelligent behaviors. These are: sadness, compassion, self-awareness, artistic skills , responsiveness to music, altruism, play, able to use tools designed by man …

  •  Male and female elephants are dramatically different.

Females entire life spent in close connection with the family, living in groups with their mothers, daughters and other females … Led siblings from the oldest female, or matriarch. Adult males live alone their whole life.

  •  Curved bones in adult males grow by about 18 centimeters per year

They use them to clear the way before them and to dig food, water, salt or roots. With them peel the bark of trees, which they use as food. Also is used to mark their territory, and occasionally as weapon.

  • Trunk is the most important part of the elephant


African elephants have two nostrils on the trunk, and Asian have one. It is so sensitive that you can raise even the slightest grass, but still strong enough to break branches from trees that obstruct the road. Trunk is also used for drinking water. Elephants at the suction, can collect 14 liters of water. Serving for trunk and bathing. First  they wash with water and then suck mud and splash themselves. In this way they make protective layer of skin that protects them from sun.

  • African elephants live in 37 countries in Africa
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They are different in a couple of things from Asia . Significantly larger and have a cavity back. Most notably are their large ears. They are 1.5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide . All African elephants have bony growths. In contrast, the Asian elephants it is characteristic only for males. African elephants are less hairy than their Asian cousins​​. Females, on the Asian species have poorly developed trunk.


  •  Elephants are good swimmers, but they can not jump or gallop

They have two ways of movement , normal walking and fast walking , which resembles running.

  • Elephants are herbivores and tend to spend about 16 hours a day eating plants

Their diet is highly variable, as seasonal and by region. They feed on leaves, bark and fruits of trees and shrubs  but also feed from grass and herbs .

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