Most Important Banana Nutrition Facts

Bananas are rich in many beneficial ingredients that help us stay in good shape, but also to prevent the occurrence of myriad diseases. Bananas are a great meal to start the day.Eat a banana in the morning with a glass of milk and a piece of integral bread, it will give you enough energy to start a new day. But energy is not the only thing that give us bananas. They help us to stay in good shape and prevent us from many diseases. Bananas contain a lot of vitamin B6 which strenthtens natural immune sistem.There are many banana nutrition facts and here are the most usefull from them

Benefits Of Bananas

  • Banana delivers instant energy .

Studies have shown that eating just two bananas a day provides enough power for 90 minutes of hard work .

  • Bananas are a good source of magnesium .

Magnesium plays a very important role in the binding of calcium in bones and muscle relaxation . He participates in the regulation of heart rate and lowers blood cholesterol . The trace elements regulating the operation of the gut , especially in cases of constipation.


  • Bananas are a natural cure for anxiety and depression

Bananas contain large amounts of vitamin B , which calms the nervous system . Vitamin B6 , which is found in this fruit regulates the level of sugar in the blood , which in turn affects to the mood,helps.

  • Bananas are a natural cure for heart disease and high blood pressure
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Bananas are full of potassium , so it is great for lowering blood pressure. Potassium is a mineral which helps normalize the heartbeat , sends oxygen to the brain and regulates the amount of water in the body . Banana is rich in potassium and contain little salt , making it perfect remedy for those who have high blood pressure. When we are stressed , our metabolic rate speeds up , and the potassium level decreases . The balance can be restored with a banana .

  • Banana stimulates production of hemoglobin in the blood

Banana is rich in iron and stimulates production of hemoglobin in the blood and helps with anemia.


  • Banana is a natural remedy for gastritis and stomach ulcers

Banana is the only fresh fruit that can take people with chronic diseases of the digestive system without it cause some consequences for them . Rather , the banana is useful for improving the performance of the intestine , reduces gastric acid , thus protecting the lining of the stomach from damage .

  • Reduces itching caused by mosquito bites

Don’t trow away the peel of banana in the summer, because you can reduce the irksome itching caused by mosquito bite.Simply rub the area of the bite with the inside of a banana peel. This will reduce the inflammation, and the need for itching will disappear.

  • Banana can help you with hangover
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Did exaggerate with alcohol? Before you go to bed, eat at least one banana and drink 1-2 glasses of water. Hangover is often the result of dehydration, so mix the water with banana.During drunk people urinate more than usual and lose a lot of fluids and potassium and banana is rich in potassium. This fruit has maintained the balance of electrolytes in the body, which can disrupt due to vomiting and frequent urination.

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