Most Famous Serial Killers In History

They say that sometimes the truth can be frightening much more than the myth and that some stories can freeze your blood. History is filled with tales of barbarians, killers, seers and wizards that will make all the movies made ​​about vampires and bloodthirsty killers look ridiculous and misleading compared to them. These are the meanest psychologically disturbed famous serial killers in history, whose stories you know very well.

Most Famous Serial Killers

  • Vlad Ţepeş III

vlad tepes

Known as Count Dracula from Transylvania , ruler of Wallachia ( now part of Romania ) in the 15th century . Used uncontrolled methods of torture , mutilation and mass murder people. The military exploits of Vlad were often praised and he was known as a hero , but was also extremely cruel man prone to barbaric executions, often against their own people. All his victims were killed in brutal ways, torn apart, beheaded , often ended skinned and were boiled alive. Favorite way of killing for him was a wooden pole , gradually stabbed in the victim’s body, experiencing the horror until his death. Sometimes he even had a dinner along with the bodies of victims , melting the bread into their blood, then eating it. That’s the inspiration for Bram Stoker ‘s novel ” Dracula ” in 1897 .

  • Rasputin
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Known as ” the mad monarch ” who led Russia to chaos. Grigory Rasputin, whose life is considered a myth, began his career as a preacher in the name of faith and was known for claiming that the real salvation comes only through enjoying what is considered a sin. His reputation as a healer by faith has brought back before the court of Tsar Nicholas II, where in 1911 have ensured place alongside the Queen Alexandra Fyodorovna , helping to heal her child  With her authority granted by its confidence, he was giving potions that wakes perversions and sexual appetites of members in court  He was accused of raping a nun , used prostitutes for pleasure and when was find out that with his tips he leads to Russia’s collapse, he was caught, shot several times and thrown into the cold river Neva. In 1918, the entire royal family was killed by the Bolshevik Revolution .

  • Elizabeth Báthory


Often called ” Bloody Countess ” Elizabeth was a Hungarian noble in history is known as the darkest female serial killer. During the late 16th and 17th century countess reportedly invoked castle peasant youth with promises of high-paying jobs as servants . After being trapped in the citadel , these poor victims were subject to torture . They were beaten , stabbed with needle and left naked on the frozen snow. According to legend , Countess bathed in the blood of virgins victims, believing that it would keep her skin young and beautiful forever. She massacred 600 girls. In 1611 was walled up in her castle with only a small opening for food and died 4 years later .

  • Jack the Ripper
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London, 1888, the city streets are terrible serial killer lurks. Unidentified madman was known to have abetted prostitutes in dark alleys and then cutting their throats and destroying them sadistic. Initially, five women were found massacred in the streets of London , with events that caused outrage in the media . That earned him the terrible killer nickname Jack the Ripper . Without modern forensic techniques , police lost in the investigation of the killings . After his 9th victim , he disappeared . The case was closed in 1892 , but Jack remained enduring source of fascination. Theories claim that it is possible he was a butcher or a surgeon with excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the victims .

  • Gilles de Rais


Gilles was a French nobleman who lived in the 15th century soldier and companion of Joan of Arc . Military career brought him much praise , but under the distinguished reputation and rich lifestyle hid his satanic nature and the dark side of life that included charges of rape and murder. He allegedly tortured and brutally killed children , many of them young villagers who worked in the castle where he lived . He sexually abused  them, and then killed them by cutting their throats or braking their neck. Some were beheaded and dismembered and he was known that he had unusual ritual with kissing the severed heads of the victims. He got the attention of the church and was charged for murder and sodomy, practicing alchemy and other satanic rituals. Finally, he confessed killing 140 children and then he was hanged and his body was burned.

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