Most Expensive Wine Brands In The World

“In vino veritas” in translation in wine is truth, “the drink of the gods” … many sentences imposed in honor of the wine. Wine as drink known from long ago is still a favorite drink among members of the gentler and stronger sex. Wine lovers know that there are many kinds, but also know to assess their quality. Mostly old wines are the most expensive ones. The most expensive wine in the world often have millionaires who even have their own collections, where every bottle is from expensive wine brand. Birthdays, weddings, anniversary or any other kind of celebration is perfect time to open the most expensive bottle of wine and enjoy it’s taste. Not everyone can afford them, but at least it’s free to find out which are the most expensive wine brands in the world.

World’s Most Expensive Wines

  • Kendall Jackson

kendall jackson

This is the brand which is on the top of every list about  wine brands. They will offer you their collections: Stature, Highland Estates, Grand Reserve, Vintner’s Reserve, K-J Avant and it’s on you to choose what you’re going to drink. As they say “Each Kendall-Jackson vineyard lot is kept separate at the winery, so we can truly capture the essence of each vineyard site. We use boutique winemaking methods throughout harvest, press and fermentation to craft our wines by hand. We’ve even invested in our own stave mill in France to ensure we always have access to the highest quality French oak barrels for aging. We feel that this hand-crafted passion results in beautiful wines whose unique excellence can be enjoyed by all.” So next time you shop a wine, don’t mind to try one of theirs.

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  • Cavit

cavit wine brand

Italian’s number one wine.Their winery is based in Trentino, in a landscape of mountains, lakes, apple orchards and medieval castles.Cavit swept onto the radar of American wine lovers in the 1970s as an early pioneer of a then little-known white wine called Pinot Grigio. Prized for its crisp, elegant character, fruit flavors and delicate floral aroma, Pinot Grigio is a demanding grape to cultivate, but has flourished in northern Italy for over 100 years. Cavit has consistently championed this varietal in the U.S., earning its well-deserved title of America’s #1 Pinot Grigio*. However, there is much more to the CAVIT COLLECTION than outstanding Pinot Grigio. This stellar range of high-quality, approachable and food-friendly wines includes Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Teroldego, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their wines are perfect in combination with dessert.


  • The Beringer

the-beringer wine brand

The Beringer Wine Store has a lot to offer in the way of premium wines that satisfy and delight the palette of even the most discerning of wine aficionados. What is interesting about this wine brand is that they offer you first to taste the wine and then decide if you want to buy. You can taste any  kind if you go in their winery. I doubt that you will not like the wines, because everyone who tried their wine said it was one kind of a paradise in their mouth.

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