Love Astrology Compatibility: Which Sign is Your Perfect Match

Since the ancient times of Babylons, the first great astrologers, there are millions of people who believe that everything is written up in the stars. Even though the science hasn’t backed up the astrology or found out if there is something called destiny for real, astrology readings are believed to be accurate in determining one’s characteristics, skills and abilities.

Love Astrology

The alignment of the planets, the Sun, the Moon and the stars during the time of an individual’s birth reveals a lot about a person and it can be of great help in finding true love and living a fulfilling and successful life. Astrology experts believe that astrology pinpoints to which zodiac signs are most and least compatible with others. We bring you 3 most compatible signs for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.


People born under Aries are generous and energetic, but short-tempered. Since what they bring on the table is optimism and adventurous spirit and what they look for in a partner is to be adored and driven, the most compatible zodiac signs for Aries are Leo, Libra and Sagittarius. While Sagittarius and Leo bring the same level of energy and enthusiasm in the relationship, Libras offer the same emotional level as Aries’.


Even though money is not important in a relationship, Tauruses prefer to have a financial security above all. These stable, tactile, sensitive and conservative people like to have a sensual, grounded and hard-working partner and they can find such in Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. No one else knows a Taurus better than a fellow Taurus, but a relationship with a Virgo and Scorpio can be rewarding in so many different ways.

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Geminis are intellectual human beings who like to keep an open mind and try new stuff in life on a regular basis. Aquariuses and Libras are known to be of identical nature, so they are perfect match for Gemini. The mutual love for freedom and adventure they share with Sagittarius can also create a strong and long-lasting bond.


People born under this sign like chasing people with hard-to-get behavior, but only if their personalities match at least a bit. These tender people are most likely to find their soulmate in a Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus. With Pisces and Taurus they will probably share a lot of likes and activities, while Scorpio presents a challenge and awakes all of Cancer’s senses.


The loyalty and passionate nature of Leo makes people born under this zodiac sign highly attractive to most zodiac signs, but when it comes the other way, Leos can be really selective. They look for a partner full of confidence, with extraordinary will power and a positive spirit. These characteristics can often be found in a fellow Leo, but also in Sagittarius and Aries. A relationship of two Leos can be hard to establish, because of their competitive instinct, while with Aries and Sagittarius, the relationship will be full of joy and excitement.


Virgos offer pure love and respect to the partner who’s willing to do the same in return. They also prefer people who are naturally witty, supportive and have strong morals in life. All of that can definitely be found in Taurus, but also in Gemini and Scorpio. A well-organized relationship with a Scorpio can work perfectly, while a witty Gemini will keep a Virgo coming back for more.

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The balanced nature of Libras is not a very attractive characteristic to most zodiac signs, but it is perfect for Aquarius. These two intellectual signs can enjoy separate social lives and keep their chemistry growing. Geminis and fellow Libras are also compatible for dating, as they can click sexually and intellectually like no other sign.


People born under this water sign look for quiet people who know how to get out of their shall and surprise them with subtle sexiness. Their raw, sensual energy is perfectly matched with Cancer’s, Pisces’ and fellow Scorpio’s energy. Two-sided Scorpio relationship is an easy and comfortable match, while the differences with Cancer and Pisces can make a creative, fun and strong relationship.


Sagittariuses are all about honest and sincere relationships, that’s why they are so desirable by most zodiac signs. They are grounded, but ambitions. Intelligent and calm, but with a tendency to go crazy. Their best matches are Aquarius, Leo and Aries, each because of different reasons. The adventurous spirit and the constant need for change of Aquarius, the focus on ambition of Leo and the similar nature of Aries are what Sagittariuses like most in each of these 3 signs.


The love of this earth sign towards their partner grows stronger and stronger over years and experience. Capricorns prefer a partner whose success goes way beyond limits and a partner who will worship them for who they truly are. Taurus, Cancer and Virgo are most likely to match the preferences of a Capricorn. Taurus is easiest to establish a common ground, Cancer complements their personality and Virgo is a relationship-hard-worker who seeks daily closeness as Capricorns want to.

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Regardless of their tendency to turn cold and distant, Aquariuses are clever people who know what to look in their partner. Dreamers and intellectuals are most suitable for this air sign and they are usually under the Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra sign. It will be very easy to talk for hours with a Gemini and they can never run out of topics to talk about. With Libras, they share a lot of interests, while with Sagittariuses, their connection will be special because of their similarities.


People born under this sign are the most sensitive ones and they prefer partners who are also sensitive, generous and sensual. These non-judgmental people are most compatible with fellow Pisces’, because they are most likely to understand each other’s unique life goals. Scorpio and Cancer are also suitable partners, as they are also as tender, sweet and sensual as Pisces.

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