Here’s Why You Should Start Growing Food for Your Restaurant

Growing fresh produce for your commercial kitchen is one of the best ways to enhance the taste and quality of the dishes you serve in your restaurant. Being able to serve dishes with fresher and stronger flavours is just one of the many reasons why more and more restaurant owners decide to grow their own produce. Reduced costs is anther major benefit. Planting a small garden is less expensive than buying the same herbs and veggies from a store, plus you can grow some exotic and rare herbs that are not available at the store or market and create unique dishes that will for sure draw the attention of customers and make your restaurant stand out. Furthermore, using your own ingredients is the only way to be sure they haven’t been treated with pesticides and other chemicals and are therefore completely safe for your customers.

As a chef and restaurant owner the art of cooking and playing with flavours certainly brings you a lot of satisfaction, but did you now that tending to a garden can bring a sense of fulfilment as well, plus it’s very relaxing and the simple act of watering your gorgeous plants can often help you relax and de-stress after a busy day. Aside from its main purpose to provide fresh produce, a small herb garden can also create wonderful landscaping for your restaurant. The colourful and leafy plants will surely refresh the look of your dining space, plus your customers will get the opportunity to see from where the ingredients for their meals come from.

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Space is often an issue when planting a restaurant garden. If you have yard space you can easily plant a small herb garden there, if not don’t worry you can still grow your own produce thanks to self-watering commercial plant containers. These are specifically designed to make growing produce in commercial spaces simple and hassle-free. Due to their advanced and practical design, commercial plant containers can be arranged together and create a small thriving garden, all while taking up little space. What’s more they can add visual appeal to any area in your restaurant. You can place them at the entrance, on the rooftop and even inside your kitchen, the choice is yours. You can also arrange them in your dining area to add a dose of greenery and elegance and set the ambience for relaxing and enjoyable wining and dining. The best thing about self-watering planters is their advanced water reservoir that is designed to deliver the required amount of moisture to the plant’s root, thus keeping your herbs, veggies and fruits fresh and thriving. Furthermore, the reservoir will supply moisture to your plants for at least a few days before it needs to be refiled with water again, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your garden.

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