A Guide to the Different Types of 4Wd Exhaust Systems

Now, that 4wd car has a problem with its exhaust. DO you concur? Hey, you! Stop it! Here! Hey, direct your attention here! Oh, that’s better because we will go through the basic things you need to know for a 4Wd Exhaust system. Whether you have a Toyota, a Suzuki or some other vehicle, with this guide you can be sure to find the right exhaust system for your precious car. There are different types of an exhaust system.

Single Exhaust System

As their name says they get rid of the exhaust from a single muffler and tail pipe. This is the standard model that nearly all vehicles come with. The reason why is simple, they are cheaper to be made due to fact that there are a small amount of components and modifications inside it. They give you a stealthy look, yet giving you that mean sound and increased performance at the same time!

Dual Exhaust Systems

This type of system, use two mufflers and two tail pipes. They get rid of the gases on the back or through the sides of the vehicle. The dual exhaust system comes in two variants, true dual exhaust and the appearance dual exhaust (only giving the appearance). The true exhaust system is done by the header back type and keeps both of the banks of the engine different, however, not in all cases such as when they are connected by an equalization tube. The “fake” type of the dual system is an axle-back system, where the stock merged exhaust stream are not merged.

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Axle-Back Exhaust Systems

This system starts right before the rear axle and includes a muffler, pipes, exhaust tips and axle piping. They give you the lowest performance due to the minimal number of parts being replaced which is the most reliable and affordable way to upgrade your vehicle.

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

This exhaust system takes the axle back system and upgrades to it. It features dozens of mufflers, mid pipes, tailpipes, over-axle pipes and exhaust pipes. When the mid pipes are added, the flow is more increased meaning more horsepower and mileage.

So there you have the types of system to you build your 4wd exhaust to better, faster and do the things you wish for. Remember when you go to your retailer speak with them, even if you just visit their website because they will make things clearer and make your decision-making way easier than before.

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