Different Types Of Spiders

When you mention the word “spider” it certainly terrifies you, because these small animals seem daunting and we don’t want to have some of them in our vicinity. Unfortunately we can find them anywhere in our garage, the attic of a deprecated room, in the trees, in the basement literally everywhere. Although that upsets you,you need to be calm, because they are not a threat to humans, even if it comes to bite of some of the many species of spiders you will have little short-term headache.

However there are many types of spiders, we chose one of the most perfect spider species ie predators that easily adapt and cope with their environment. Although almost all types of spiders have eight eyes, they have poor vision, but because of that here is their main tool “the web” and their hairy legs. Through the vibration of their web they already know whether their prey is in the range or whether a predator is nearby and they’re ready to respond appropriately. Different types of spiders and facts for them.

Facts About Spiders

  • Goliath Bird-Eater


This is definitely the biggest hairy spider of the tarantula family you’ve ever seen. Large as the human foot and its fangs are nearly 2 centimeters long. Although his name is Bird-Eater he almost never eats birds, but insects, small frogs and small mouses. This spider is most active at night, where sets thin layer of its web through the vibration of it he knows that his prey is in range and he is ready to attack. The Goliath Bird-Eater first paralyze their prey with its large fangs, then brings in his burrow where is sucking its meal till it’s dry. Although unflinching predator that adapts well to its environment, it also has its own predators such as snakes and some mammals. The body has its small bars that throwing in the air with the back legs. These small bars seal the eyes, nose and mouth of the predator who soon loses the interest for spider. That’s his own range weapon who helps him survive from some predators such as the mammals.

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  • The Black Widow

Facts about the black widow spider

Latrodectus more known as the Black Widow which is females and is even twice the size of males of her kind. The venom of the female is three times stronger than the venom from males and it’s fatal for most of the species of insects, and can be also very dangerous to humans. When comes the time of mating the male must be approached carefully and sending positive vibes through its partner web. When the ritual of mating is complete the male must immediately withdraw because the black widow can make a lunch of him. Chances to survive in the male 50/50, ie a 50% chance that it will stay her partner or passage in her easiest prey. The spider sitting in its web waiting for its prey to come, which can be a little butterfly or a fly. Although it has 8 eyes that almost no use, its main tool catches the prey is the web through which its hairy legs feels vibrations of passing prey.


  • The Fishing Spider

Facts about the fishing spider

Dolomedes or more known as a fishing spider. This unusual spider living in Africa, except that eat insects, some of his favorite dishes are the small fish and frogs. Instead of waiting in his web in ambush or hunt on land this spider can float with speediness in the water easily grasping insects. He has stationed on a leaf or a rock that emerged on the surface of the water where he feels the vibrations of prey passing by him, it may be a fish or frog and catch it with high speed injecting the poison in the body of the prey. Then carry prey to the peaceful place where it begins to eat. For the fishing spider can say that it is the only one who enjoys eating meat. They hunt relatively at night to avoid their biggest predators, the birds and the snakes.

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