Cool Facts About Women

So many questions about women, so is time to reveal some answers. Is jewelry really the best gift for woman? What they want and what they can’t stand? When and why a woman lies to you? Here are some funny facts about women. It’s on you to see if this is true  for you or your girlfriend, at the end it’s time to accept the truth about us girls. Men can’t understand us but,  they also can’t live without us.

Interesting Facts About Women

– Women always have some problems such as headaches, cramps, etc.. Remember: no matter how hard it is, she will eventually outlive you.

– Jewelry. Now you’ll always know what’s the perfect gift for her.


– Harmless way to end a quarrel is – she wins!

– Women want you to drive, even if the car is theirs.

– She still keeps the letters and greeting cards from previous boyfriends.

– Your girlfriend prefers to receive a gift of $ 100 from brand store, than $ 500 from unknown store. Why? Because her friends will ask where you bought that gift.

– Women always want to believe that what you speak is true.

– What women want in bed? More blankets.

– The average woman will kiss 79 men before they marry.

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– If you have something to hide, she would find.

– Investigation of an online site for meetings, showed that the ideal man has brown hair and blue eyes.

– When woman tells her problems, she wants you to listen, not to offer solutions.

– Women eat about half of applied lipstick. Annually, it means she has eaten three lipsticks.

– Women despite giving compliments for the short hairstyles of other women, in herself she’s happy that she has fewer competitors because men love long hair..

– Women love to talk dirty in bed, but they fear that future morning will follow. Reassure her that what happens in bed stays there.

– Women’s public toilets are dirty three times than the men public toilets.

– Just like the man, most women hate to have intrusive partner who needs them every five seconds.

– On the first date women is never ordering what she really eats.

– Earn her trust by calling at 10 at night when you’re out with friends. She would lie down with the idea that you think about her.

– Women are never shaken when male character in the film will get a kick out in his most sensitive spot.

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– More than half of women aged between 18 and 25 would rather choose to be run over by a truck than to be fat.

– She always likes one of her boyfriend’s friends.

– Woman is never scratching her head while she’s thinking. It is because they don’t want to show that are confused or simply they don’t want to spoil the hair.

– Female serial killers prefer poison rather than guns and knives.

– The only excuse for termination of which she will never be able to change your mind – “I am sorry, but I do not have feelings for you.”

– Women feel strange when their hands are empty, that’s why she always and everywhere carry handbags.

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