Catch Up with the Autumnal Planting Season & Buy Plants Online

Planting a wonderful garden is easy when you have the right plants that would add texture and colour, provide shade and awaken your senses with the dazzling scent of nature. But, choosing the right plants can be a challenge, particularly when you’re new to the world of gardening. The best times for planting are spring and autumn and since not long ago the season of golden leaves and chilly breeze invaded the Australian continent, it’s the prefect time for gardeners to start looking for new plants they would plant in their lavish gardens. This means that there is a bit more hassle and crowd in the nurseries with everyone trying to pick the perfect plant that would add grace and texture to the landscape. You can avoid all the hassle of driving to a garden centre, selecting plants in a crowd of gardeners and then hauling the chosen plants home in your car, by just ordering plants from a reputable online nursery.

The best thing about shopping online is that you can order wonderful plants for your garden weeks before they even become available at your local garden centre. This means that your plants would arrive just in time for you to start off the autumnal planting season fully prepared. What’s more, a well run online nursery offers a vast selection of perennials, shrubs, trees and other plants. Shopping online doesn’t mean that you won’t get great customer support. In fact, nursery websites provide a lot of information about the plants they have on offer, including details about the colour, size and growing requirements of the plant, as well as a range of beautiful pictures.

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Before you start shopping for plants for your garden there are a few factors to keep in mind to make the right purchase. First things first, consider the specific growing conditions in your garden. Does your garden get plenty of sunshine during the day or is mostly in the shade? Do you have a large outdoor space for growing plants or maybe you’ll plant in a smaller area? The soil is probably the most important piece of the gardening puzzle. The three main types of soil are loam, clay and sandy and each one provides great growing conditions for specific plants. For instance, the plants that would thrive in a sandy soil, would probably not reach their full potential in a loamy soil. But, there are also plants that can thrive in all soil types. For a new garden it’s best to choose trees and shrubs that would provide colour and shade all year round and require little maintenance.

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