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The automotive industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, making its initial steps in Germany, France, United Kingdom, U.S. Of America and later in all the other countries. The first cars the world remembers originate from 1769, but the automotive history has began over 100 years later. In the recent years, the automotive shows an impressive development with an increase of to 80% in 2008 with production of over 61 million vehicles. With this incredible development of the automotive industry, the world has met many new car brands, offering various car models. However, each car brand offers various models that differ in terms of features, controls, exterior, interior, powerful capabilities, etc. For example, the Italian car brands offer luxury, sports cars with an incredibly good-looking style, while the German car brands are known for producing high-quality and durable cars, with many advanced technologies included. Some car brands produce cars with exceptional design, some offering a unique driving experience, while some others are incredible powerful and fast performers. Read on and find out the most popular car brands enjoying a world-wide recognition.

The Best Car Brands World Wide

German car brands

  • BMW

BMW is one of the best German car brands

BMW is one of the best German car brands, but also one of the best car brands in the whole world. The German car manufacturer has become very popular with its first car, while today it offers a variety of luxurious cars, race cars, sports cars and other types of cars. As well as all other German car brands, BMW guarantees reliability, durability and engineering perfection. This year, BMW has produced 300 units of BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition to honor the 30 successfully years of the incredible M5.

  • Audi

Audi, the absolute leader of all German car brands

Audi, the absolute leader of all German car brands, is definitely one of the most popular car brands in the world. The German car maker has an experience of over 100 years on the market and is known for producing high-quality, reliable, luxury and durable cars. It may not be as popular as all other German car brands, but Audi is one of the most successful car brands in the world, thanks to the incredible development in the recent years.

  • Porsche

Sports German car brands

Most German car brands are known for producing luxury cars, but this is not the case of Porsche. Porsche is a manufacturer of sports cars, which are widely well-accepted. The high-quality sports cars by Porsche are still selling well, as in 2013, over 140,000 units have been sold. Also, Porsche offers some of the fastest cars in the world.

  • Volkswagen

Volkswagen, german car brands

Volkswagen in German means the car of the people, which is exactly what Volkswagen is. The history of the German car rand has started in 1937 when the founder of Porsche designed the legendary Volkswagen beetle, which quickly became a world-hit. Today, of all German car brands, Volkswagen has managed to become largest in production by purchasing the rights of Lamborghini, Bugatti, Roll-Royce, Bentley, Skoda and SEAT. The German car maker manufactures high-quality all kinds of vehicles, available all around the world. Also, Volkswagen cars have brought few Car of the Year and European Car of the Year awards multiple times.

Italian car brands

  • Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the most popular Italian car brands

Ferrari is one of the most popular Italian car brands, founded in 1928 by Scuderia Ferrari. This car manufacturer is known for producing luxury and sports car models, which not all people could afford. In the beginning, Ferrari manufactured racing cars only, but after the second World War, the Italian brand started to manufacture legal street cars. Today, Ferrari enjoys a world-wide reputation for its luxurious and very fast cars.

  • Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo, Italian car brands

Italian car brands are known for luxury, exceptional style and sports, fast cars, so Alfa Romeo is not an exception. Founded in 1910, Alfa Romeo has become very popular around the world by its small-sized city cars, but today it offers very luxurious cars that only the rich people could afford. Unfortunately, the Alfa Romeo cars do not have the same power as the other popular Italian car brands, but their style can not be compared.

  • Fiat

Fiat is certainly the most popular Italian car brands

Fiat is certainly the most popular Italian car brands, as it is in the top ten car brands in the world by car production. Fiat was founded in 1899 and with a very successful management, the company has found the way to become one of the best world’s car brands. This Italian car brand has bought Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati, so it has become the absolute leading car brand in Italy. Fiat manufacturers stylish and fuel-efficient car models, which have helped it to be awarded twelve times for European Car of the Year.

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