Amazing New Gadgets In 2013

Smartphones, tablets and other new gadgets are developing with such speed that is almost impossible to predict how the next generation will look like. The limit is obviously the fantasy of designers and engineers. 15 years ago, mobile phones were with the size of bricks, and today you can lose them between the papers in your bag. What at one time was a necessary evil, today has transformed into a status symbol and an integral part of modern life. It seems that every few weeks some of the producers have a new improved device for which the whole world goes crazy. From smart phones with touch-sensitive screens to tablets and their hybrids, devices are becoming more like those we have seen in “Star Trek.” In which direction in the future will develop things, it’s hard to say, but we can assume which kind of cool tech gadgets will prepare the producers in 2013, maybe something like translucent screens or even crazier hybrids. We are pleased to present the new gadgets 2013 from CES.

Coolest Gadgets

  • iRobot Looj


iRobo Looj will clean your gutters of debris, and it’s announced soon in the UK. Robotic cleaning specialists sell this cleaner of gutters in the U.S. for several months, but after examining the gutters in the U.S. and Europe, the company made some changes and got ready for a little cleaner in your home. The idea behind which stands Looj is to save you from a relatively dangerous climbing stairs and cleaning sheets. Of course, he can’t fly, so it is made to be put it in the gutter. The main disadvantage with this cleaner is its size which is not designed for various sizes of some gullies.

  • ZTE Grand S
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New Gadgets, zte-grand-s-

ZTE Grand S looks pretty hot product. Receive the same density of pixels on the screen as the Xperia Z – 443 and 1.7 GHz quad – core Qualcomm S4 Pro chip, which is certainly at the top of the mobile spectrum. The phone itself is slim, with dimensions 142 x 69 x 6.9 mm and we can say that this device reminds of the HTC ONE X. The only thing that concerns us is obviously the small battery capacity of 1780 mAh.

  • Scosche BoomBottle


Scosche has used CES 2013 in Las Vegas, where he announced BoomBottle, wireless speaker designed to be easily insert in your bike. It’s shaped to fit in conventional scaffolding bracket of the bicycle, which means that you can just put it in and drive. The wireless connection is Bluetooth, which means that BoomBottle will be compatible only with some of modern mobile devices.

  • Panasonic 4K OLED TV


Why you should have UHD or OLED technology in your TV when you can have both of them? Link of Panasonic and Sony made this 56 “4K OLED TV prototype at CES 2013th. Panasonic says that what makes OLED panel better than all the rest, is the printing technology used to make the image on the screen. This method is said to dramatically reduce costs of production, increased rates of return and makes the screens much safer.

  •  CST-01 E-ink watch
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CST-01 is the thinnest watch in the world. Using E Ink display technology, the screen is only 0.5 mm thick and packaged in flexible stainless steel, making the clock a total of 0.80 mm and weighs no more than 12 grams.Looks like you wear ring or bracelet on your hand.

  • Huawei Ascend Mate


Ascend Mate is currently the largest tablet with 6.1 inches. The screen is 720p, but those 240 pixels per inch still make it look sharp.

  •  Asus VivoTab ME400


Asus hopes they can return to success on the Nexus 7 users on Windows 8, the new Windows 8 tablet – VivoTab ME400. In the UK is promised for later this month priced at £ 499, tablets will be driven by the Intel Atom Z2760 Dual Core 1.8 GHz processor, and comes with 2 GB RAM. Comes in two versions, 64 GB and 32 GB of space to store 10.1 “- tive 16: display with resolution of 1366 x 768th VivoTab has 8 MP rear camera with flash and 1080p video recording and 2 MP front camera for video calls. What Asus hopes to succeed with VivoTab ME400 is to give you full power over Windows 8 instead of Windows RT for Microsoft Surface, and the promise of battery which is will hold 9.5 hours on a single charge.

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