Amazing Natural Pools

Swimming in natural water is a delight for our senses. Skin and hair get soft and eyes don’t print. It seems like every cell of our body says ” swimming should look like this.”Take a look at these natural pools with clean water without chemicals. These pools are perfect for plants and animals. They are so effective which is proven with tests who showed that the water is so clean, so much that even this water is safe to drink.Also through continuing natural process of cleaning, the water in the natural pool does not need changing, because it’s treated with friendly plants and animals. Nature is  the most perfect creator. Think of this when you suspect that some of the photos shown below are processed with Photoshop.

Natural Pools

  • To Sua Ocean Trench

to sua

This is one of the ideallic sites that is located in Lotofaga village. Few sites are situated in the same area, including blowholes, and an incredible small beach on the western side. To Sua is otherwise translated as ‘big hole’ that is converted into a large swimming area. A ladder is installed on site for visitors access to and fro into this 30 meters deep seawaters. This site is surrounded with beautiful colorful gardens. The site is for swimming and nature photography.

  •  Еnchanted River
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Hidden in Barangay Cambatong, 30-45 minutes away from the town proper is the Enchanted River with color like the pepsi-blue..very deep and very clear. Locals talk about the river being watched by spirits and that is why no one swims there by 6 pm. In 1935, there were sightings of two strange women with long blonde hair and a man in green, who walked on the waters and disappeared. Occasionally, they appear before strangers or unwary locals and tongues would wag in quiet disbelief. It was said that once an American diver tried to dive the depths but never reach rock bottom. What was amazing also, and this even the locals cannot fathom why, was that although you can see many many big fishes in different varieties because of the clear waters no one has ever catch one – not by hand, by spear, or even by dynamite, or so they say.Another great thing about it is that the enhchanted river is actually very near the Hinatuan sea – which will explain its pepsi-blue color.

  • Las Grietas


Hike through enormous cacti and over the lava rock formations to one of the most unique swimming holes on the planet. Las Grietas, which translates literally to mean “the cracks,” is a geologic formation unique to volcanic islands. This deep brackish canal forms between the steep lava rock cliffs on either side. Float blissfully in the cool water — or get your adrenaline pumping by jumping from the rock ledges.

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