Amazing Facts About The Universe

Many years ago people wondered where they live in and on what actually floats our planet Earth. Today, it is already very clear that our planet revolves around the sun along with all the other planets. What is like outside the Earth’s atmosphere, know only the astronauts. As the years pass more and more we get to know the space or the universe as incurred stars, sun and other planets. Already there are many facts about the universe that seem strange to you and will leave you breathless. Here are twenty-one short but amazing facts about the universe that are known by now.

Interesting Facts About The Universe

Astronauts are higher in space than on Earth.

Astronauts can’t burp while they are in space.

While astronauts are in the space if they cry because of  the lack of gravity their tears won’t be rolling down their face.

The astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they leave in space because gas can damage their space clothes.

astronaut in space

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Approximately 41% of the lunar surface is not visible from Earth and never will be.

Lightning causes  temperature which is five times higher than the surface of the Sun.

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It takes time for light coming from distant stars and galaxies to reach us. Because when we look at the sky we see objects that appeared before hundreds, thousands or more years, ie we look at the past.

Great Red Spot on Jupiter’s surface is hurricane storm. This storm was observed even in the XVII century. That area occupies more than Earth.

Saturn has such a low density that can float on the water surface.

The tail of the comet always shows the opposite side of the sun.

The first woman sent into space Valentina Tereshkova is from Russia. She used spacecraft Voskokin January 6 and orbit the Earth 48 times in 3 days.

Each collision in Hadron’s tunnel which is 27 kilometers long does stimulation of the Big Bang, 13.7 billion a year just so occurred aerospace.

Due to the explosion of supernova in 1987 Megalon’s great cloud, through every square centimeter of human body goes through about 10 billion neutrons.

interesting facts about the universe

First time in 6 years on October 11, 2005, on Sun was not visible any single stain.

Moon is moving away from Earth for 38 mm each year.

The photons that occur in the middle of the Sun need about 10 thousand years to get out of his heart. Crossing time between the empty space between the Sun and Earth for photons is  only 8 minutes.

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Furthest thing we can see with the naked eye is the Andromeda galaxy, distant about 2 million light years. It means that when we look at it, it’s the same as when human kind began to develop.

Most of the new comets, 1200  were found by SOHO spacecraft, which is designed to track the sun.

The largest asteroid called Ceres and its diameter is 993 km.

The largest moon in the solar system is Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s four largest satellites.

In 2005 has been discovered Blue planet called “a gaseous Giant” where pours glass instead of rain. The atmosphere contains clouds at high altitudes, interspersed with silicate particles. These silica particles are condensed into heat and form small drops of glass.

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